Dairy Farming

Our Milk Production System

Dairy Farming in Ayrshire

The mild, wet climate of Ayrshire is ideal for growing grass, this then allows our cows to produce into the most fantastic quality milk for Müller.

Back in 2009 we began focussing on grazed grass and dairy farming, investing in track ways and milking equipment. We split the dairy herds to autumn and spring calving and expanded cow numbers from 360 to 620.

In 2014 we converted a third unit to a spring calving dairy. We produce high quality milk with the biggest part of the dairy herds’ diet being grazed grass and forage.

Our soils are a key ingredient in our farming. We allow them to flourish with the correct liming, nutrients and structure.

Our Dairy Herds

All our breeding stock is made up of quality dairy breeding; cows that produce great quality milk, are easy to manage, graze grass effectively and get in-calf easily.

The Friesian type cow produces some fantastic Aberdeen Angus store cattle ideal for the Scottish beef finisher.

The Hendrie Bros Farms


320 Cattle
Main Autumn Herd
108 Hectares


320 Cattle
Main Spring Herd
118 Hectares


290 Cattle
First Calvers, Spring Herd
110 Hectares


500 Young Stock
Beef & Dairy Herd
104 Hectares

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