Through time,
the Hendrie family have traded the best stock
throughout the South-West of Scotland

The Big Sale

‘The big sale’ which ran for 80 years selling freshly calved cows & heifers.
Jimmy & Robert now prefer to sell direct with farmers so they can better understand their needs.

Established For Over 200 Years

The Hendrie Bros family business dates back to 1779, when John Hendrie started farming at Drumdroch, Galston, where we’ve been farming and trading cattle since. As the business name suggests we have farmed as brothers with one direction and purpose for over 240 years.

Through progressive farming the enterprise has grown to nine farms here in the heart of Ayrshire. The current Hendrie farming generation are James and Wallace.

Our Farms

The family, along with our amazing workforce, do all we can to farm our land and dairy herds in a way that requires minimal fuss and allows them to operate efficiently.

That means that we empower our staff with the knowledge and information they need to flourish and get the best from the farms they manage.

Quality Livestock

We specialise in the most popular breeds of cattle and we raise them to the highest standards making our live stock excellent for breeding, grazing and milking. Our name has been built on the quality of our animals.

Have a look at what we currently have for sale.